School of the Madeleine

We're pleased to announce the completion of the School of the Madeleine Project in Berkeley!  Finished in time for classes to commence, the project was a rigorous, multi-prong rehab on 8 classrooms built in 1937.

We tackled several areas of the classroom environment including space, lighting, ventilation, sound and functionality.

One major concern was getting rid of the cloak room, which was a remnant from a previous era.

Removing this dividing wall opened the classrooms up to more floor space and allowed us to add a third teaching wall, plus storage to the area.

Manuel installing the acoustical tackable panels on the cabinet doors

The panels that we added to the walls and cabinetry are not only tackable for pushpins, they're also acoustically rated, which will serve to lower the overall decibels of the classroom, creating a more intimate and focused atmosphere.

new desks and chairs

new desks and chairs

Several of the classrooms received new furniture from Steelcase which will further increase the classroom's adaptability.  All classrooms received three teaching walls, new cubbies and an immense amount of storage, all behind either doors or magnetic whiteboards.

Wall mounted instructor workstations

The instructor workstations are works of art in their own right.... Virtually any audio or video signal can be routed from them to the short throw projector in the front of the classroom.  The computers are mounted using fully articulating brackets, catering to instructors' personal teaching preferences.

Fully automated sun and blackout shades, automated daylighting and fans

Finally we upgraded the lights, added automated blackout/sun shades and installed fans.  The lights are much closer to natural sunlight than the old lights, and the system utilizes daylighting, which means they automatically dim when there is sufficient sunlight from the windows.  The fans do wonders to keep the air moving around the school, preventing the "stuffy" feeling that many learned to live with in previous years.

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